BJ Morgan [author]


BJ Morgan, author of MoonbeamsAt the tender age of 60 years (on my 60th birthday in fact) I published my first novel 'Moonbeams' which had been rattling away inside my head for some 30 years. Which either shows the tenacity of an idea or how easy it is for ideas to get put on the 'back burner' of life. The novel survived several complete re-writes over the years through different computers that wouldn't talk to each other or just starting from scratch and getting the words typed in.

However, it did see the light of day and the catalyst for it was discovering the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system plus their Createspace division to have a print-on-demand paperback version (helped enormously by the support of my wife Anne). Smashwords completed the lineup and enabled all other readers (Nook, Apple etc). So there's no excuse for not being able to get 'Moonbeams', which brings us onto the thorny subject all self-publishers come up against - how do I let the world know about the book?

No doubt about it, the only one who is going to do anything about that is you, the author.

P.S. You may notice I said 'first novel' and currently there are two more in the works. A sequel to 'Moonbeams' called 'Moonsongs' and a different one called 'Reclaim'. These won't take 30 years for them to appear although progress isn't as fast as I'd like but the new web site will help as I've now announced them to the world.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy looking around the site and perhaps check out the links and even read the first 20% or so of 'Moonbeams' on the Amazon Kindle website to see if you'd like to read the rest. Hopefully what you read will make you want to find out how the story ends - hint, there's an unexpected twist in the tale.